Slow Travel − The New Phenomenon

Life is very fast these days. Everyone is in a hurry and so we want to relax as much as possible as quickly as we can. Despite this lifestyle, a new traveling trend has emerged. It’s called slow travel, and it’s the opposite of everything we’re used to. It will completely change the way you imagine an ideal holiday.

When you return home from a vacation, people usually ask what you saw in the country you visited and ask for pictures. They can’t imagine that there could be a holiday where you visit everything the town has to offer, from impressive cathedrals to picturesque cafes, and not take pictures of everything in sight. Slow travel allows you to change this point of view. It shows you that you can collect experiences without taking pictures.

Male tourist
Slow travel offers more opportunities to get to know a foreign country.

How to Slow Travel?

Not planning things is an important aspect of slow travel. It’s best to pick a starting destination beforehand and also set an amount of time which you want to spend on holiday. That’s all you need. Of course, we don’t mean a week of time. Real slow travelers spend a few months on the road. Of course, a person’s job doesn’t always allow for such long holidays and so traveling often becomes their new job.

Slow travelers travel for the adventure. They will rather sit in a small cafe in a side street, where the cafe owner will serve them coffee and cake and talk their ear off about the special family recipe. The next day, this owner will already know their names. People who love slow travel try to get to know every country through observation and talking with the locals. They try to ‘fit in’ into the local atmosphere.

Exotic food
Slow travel allows you to thoroughly enjoy your holiday.

Traveling is About the Experience

When you’re going on a holiday, quality is a lot more important than quantity. Adventurers often don’t visit famous tourist destinations, rather have lunch in a local bistro, get to know people and their families, or even seek out members of local tribes. The journey itself is their goal. Slow travel is about freedom, a life without stress, and seeing the smaller details.

Why Try Slow Travel?

You Get to See Places Where Tourists Don’t Normally Go

People on holiday usually try to seek out the sights which they find in tourists guides. They don’t mind crowds of people because they have the feeling that this is exactly the thing they should be doing on holiday. Slow travelers are quite the opposite. They seek out quiet side streets and places where tourists don’t normally go.

You’ll Get to Know the Local Culture

Talking with the locals allows people to get to know the region they’re visiting. They can find out why things are different than what they are used to. This helps people let go of their prejudice and gain a new outlook on life.

Locals in the mountains
Locals in the mountains.

You Won’t be Disappointed

Holidays don’t always turn out the way people plan. Nobody can predict what will happen, what the weather will be or if the museum we want to see won’t be closed or under reconstruction. If something doesn’t go the way they plan, people become disappointed. Slow travelers improvise and they create their plans on the go. Like this, their days are always filled with things to do.

You Help Protect the Environment

While slow traveling, people usually stay in one place for a longer amount of time then they would on a normal holiday. Because of this, they aren’t using as much transportation. Tourists usually use the local public transport, rented cars and motorcycles or planes. Slow travelers prefer to walk long distances because they feel they can connect to their environment better that way.

Better Experiences

While slow traveling, people usually find original places where they don’t have to wait in long lines for tickets. At least once, try to visit the local market instead of one of the popular local sights. We guarantee that your experiences will be much different and better.

It Costs Less

Let’s be honest, finances are always an important factor when it comes to traveling. Sometimes, they’re even the most important. A regular holiday in a nice resort can cost a pretty hefty price. Slow travelers have many alternatives that allow them to save money such as renting smaller houses, couch surfing or house sitting while the owner is away. They also don’t move around as much and so they save a lot on transportation.

Slow travel may force some people to step out of their comfort zone. The experiences it will bring, however, are irreplaceable. Try to travel to an unknown country for a few weeks and you’ll see if it’s the right kind of holiday for you. Who knows, maybe it will so amazing that you won’t want to return home.

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