Where Will You Go Rafting This Year?

Do you love adrenaline and wild water? In that case, it’s about time to plan this year’s rafting trip because the rivers we have here in Europe are the wildest in April and May. In this article, you’ll find some of the most attractive rafting areas in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Tara River

Rafting on Tara
The waters of the Tara River are very clear and clean enough to drink.

The Tara River runs through the territory of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Tara River Canyon is 144 km long, which makes it the longest canyon in Eastern Europe and the second longest in the world. You can find tourist camps which organize tours on both sides, both in Montenegro and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most popular rafting route is 25 km long but the camps offer longer ones, too. For example, one is 100 km long and takes several days to complete. Rafting is available from April when the water is wildest, until October when it’s the calmest.

The prices depend on what you’d like to do. If you want to stay in a camp, get 3 meals and raft on the river, you’ll pay around 65€. If you’re only interested in rafting with no additional services, you’ll pay around 45€.

The River Soča

The River Soča
You use a kayak or canoe on Soča.

The River Soča is located in Slovenia and you can raft here from April to October. The 10 km long trail will leave you thoroughly wet but it’s worth it because of the beautiful nature. The trail takes around 1 – 1,5 hours. If you’re feeling brave, you can also choose the 20 km long trail, ideally during the wet season, from April until May. The difficulty of the Soča trail is I – IV. For the sake of variety, you can also use a canoe or a kayak.

The 10 km trail will cost you 45€ while the 20 km trail will cost around 60 €.

The Inn River

The source of the Inn River is Lake Lugano in Switzerland and it continues to the Tyrol Alps in Austria. The river is divided into two divisions, so both advanced rafters and rafting beginners will have something to do here. The Landeck Gorge is 13 km long and its difficulty is between IV – V, while the Imster Gorge is 14 – 17 km long and its difficulty is III and up. The best time to raft in the Inn River is from the end of May to the beginning of September. Rafting here will cost you 50 – 90 € and the prices vary based the route you choose to take and also on the organizer of your trip.

The Noce River

The Noce River is located in Italy, in the Val di Sole. The difficulty of the track depends on the part of the river it’s located in. The Cusiano/Dimaro segment is 10 km long and its difficulty ranges from II to IV. Once you pass the Dimaro bridge, you’ll run into the most dangerous part of the track, the famous “Rapida della segheria” (the Sawmill Rapid). This part is extremely dangerous for beginners and it’s advised that beginners go to shore and pass it on foot. After this risky part of the river, you’ll reach the Monclassico/Caldes/Ponte Stori segment, which is 13 km long and has a difficulty of II to IV. For most people, the rafting track usually ends in Ponte Sori because of the next segment. The segment that follows is the Ponte Stori/S. Giustina. It’s only 3 km long but very wild. Let’s say that you’ll have trouble finding your oars once you’re done. Agencies usually offer trips to the Noce River. Their prices depend on the length and difficulty of the track you want to take but usually come around 50 – 100 €.

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